Manfred Kidd


Music Art & Love got to talk with Sweden’s Manfred Kidd about their delicious indie, pop single, “Lights”. Manfred Kidd talks with us about the Swedish music scene and the process of making a song– check out the interview and track below!

Music Art & Love: How long have you both been making music together?

Manfred Kidd: About four years ago we sat down and started recording and writing. But the friendship we build our music on goes way back. Back to us discussing things around slides, swings and sandboxes next to the soccer field in elementary school.

MA&L: Are you planning to tour in the US?

MK: Always! Seriously! We’re in this to tour a lot. We’ve had some venues in NYC asking but the US is a new territory for us tour-wise. We’re like a spider in a foreign web. It takes some time to know how to put it together nicely.

MA&L: Describe your sound and your musical influences.

MK: Organic & handcrafted.

George Harrison. He was very good.

MA&L: Have you ever been to Chicago? If so, what do you like best about the city?

MK: I (Victor) have been there a couple of times actually. A great city, filled with many fine places for musical escapades. It’s been a few years since the last time, but looking forward to going there again sometime soon!

I’ve (Fredrik) never been but it just so amazingly filled with music history.’The Chicago blues’, the birthplace of house music…

MA&L: Do you have anyone representing you (label, publisher) or are you doing this totally DIY?

MK: 100% DIY. It’s the two of us doing everything from writing, recording, mixing and then getting it out there with cover art.

MA&L: Can you describe the process of making a song?

MK: It’s never the same process for us, or at least it hasn’t been yet. It often starts with an idea that we build a theme around. Then it just creatively takes off into any direction that follows the theme and sounds nice. Ultimately, we let it sit and simmer and sink in our minds, cutting and adding until it’s just about ready.

MA&L: What can we expect next from Manfred Kidd?

MK: You can always expect new music from Manfred Kidd. We are releasing some great songs within short, a video for the spring with release party and also hosting events through our manifest NOTFLOD. All with the love for music.

MA&L: What is your favorite thing about the Swedish music scene?

MK: That it’s so rich. Not money-wise, but culture-wise. Historically and presently we have a treasure. From children’s music to sound design. We have great music coming out of this small country gaining the respect of the world by simply being who they are or whoever they want to be.

The Outdoor Type

Australian, indie-folk artist, The Outdoor Type, just released his debut single, “Are You Happy”.

It’s a perfect tune to pair with a nice cup of coffee on a sunny day. It’s a feel good track, with an atmospheric vibe, and gorgeous vocals. Music Art & Love got to catch up with The Outdoor Type (Zach) to ask a few questions– check out the interview below!

Music Art & Love: How many people make up The Outdoor Type?

The Outdoor Type – Just me! I write all the music myself and record it with the help of producer (Colin Leadbetter). Live The Outdoor Type is a 4 piece band.

MA&L – Are you planning to tour in the US ?

TOT – Yeah, I’m definitely planning to head over to the US. I’ve had a really positive response from you guys so far so a tour in late 2015 could be on the cards.

MA&L- How long did it take you to complete your debut track “Are You Happy”? 

TOT- I’d say about 6 months in total. ‘Are You Happy’ went through various changes both in arrangement and lyrically before arriving at the finished product. I tend to get a little obsessive with making sure the music fits the sentiment of the lyric.

MA&L – When can we expect an album/EP?

TOT- My debut EP is finished and due out early 2015!

MA&L – Describe your sound and your musical influences.

TOT- I guess if I had to name a few artists it’d be people acts like Paul Kelly, The Church, The Go-Betweens, The La’s and modern artists like Phosphorecent, The War On Drugs, oh, and I’ve been obsessed with Tom Petty since I was about 2 years old. Sonically, I love old gear and I also love DIY, it’s the future in my opinion – you have to be One Direction to afford an album in a proper studio these days. I also like using analog synth’s.. Not in an upfront, obvious sort of way; just adding a sound-scape and vibe.

MA&L – How did you get into music?

TOT – My dad plays a lot of music, I’d say he definitely ignited the spark. I picked up a bass guitar when I was 15 and never looked back.

MA&L – Born and raised in Australia, Can you describe the music scene in Australia.

TOT – An old band I used to play in spent a year in the UK not too long ago. We left Melbourne because we thought there wasn’t a lot happening in Australia. After a few months we realised how wrong we were! The Australian music scene is really kicking goals at the moment – we have so many acts killing it on an international scale which is great!

Interview: Man On Earth

NYC’s Man On Earth has spent the past three years touring across the nation, playing hundreds of live shows and writing new music. Their forthcoming album overflows with raw rock and roll. The quartet took some time to chat with Music Art & Love about their self titled debut album as well as tour life– check out the interview below.

Music Art & Love: Tell me the story of how Man on Earth came about?  

Man On Earth: Man On Earth became a band after Steven Nathan (aka Nate) the lead singer wrote some demos in his bedroom.  He put together a band to play live shows of what he had written.  Over time the lineup was set in stone and the four of us write and tour the country together as Man On Earth.

MA&L: Did you have a favorite memory from your tour? 

MOE: I think one of the band’s favorite memories from playing this year would be our record release party on April 1st in NYC for our new self titled record Man On Earth.  This record is who we are.  It’s not just one sound, it’s a record of 4 different minds sitting down and writing what they feel is their best material to date.  It was the start of a new chapter for the band and we could not have been more excited!

MA&L: Man On Earth was established in the late 2000’s how long did it take from the formation of the band, until you started to get your music recognized? 

MOE: It’s hard to say.  I guess it all depends on what people define as recognized.  It could be when Nate played his first recording for someone to the first Man On Earth show.   It could be when Man On Earth had their music picked up for the movie Klay World: Off The Table by Robert Benfer.  It could be when we quit our jobs and bought a bus and started touring the country.  Or some could view it as that we haven’t quite been recognized yet.  But in our minds, we are recognized by a lot of awesome fans and cannot thank them enough.

MA&L: The artwork on your album is awesome, what does it represent?

MOE: Nate did the album artwork for this record.  It’s a new take on our logo that we have been using for the last couple of years.  I’d say the new artwork represents a new sound of the band with some similar flavors from the past.

MA&L: Are you looking to sign to a label?

MOE: We are currently looking for the right label to team up with.  There comes a point when you need outside help to reach certain goals.

MA&L: What influenced the sound of Man on Fire? You don’t hear much like it these days as far as new bands come and go– the music now a days is turning very digital.

MOE: Well we are 4 very different people so right off the bat we had a lot of colors to work with.  Nate is into the overall artistic big picture sound, Stevie G is into Phish and guitar lines and melodies, Angelo is into the pop rock band sounds and arrangements and myself (Adam) am into tension and release chord and melody movements with the overall energy.  We are all similar in the fact that we wanted to write songs that had potential to catch on to a wider audience but were not willing to follow others sounds for the sake of fitting in.

MA&L: I found this quote very interesting in your bio “harking back to an era when music was more than just the soundtrack to a reality show or video game….” what exactly do you mean by this?

MOE: Music that we grew up on seems to be pushed out of the way to make room for the ever growing media industry.  We all grew up listening to records on a stereo system, not by watching TV or in Video Games.  Not that there is anything wrong with it, it’s just not us.  We didn’t sit in front of the TV watching someone sing another’s persons song in hopes that they get voted to become the next star.  We picked up a guitar and learned how to play.  We formed bands and played in garages to no one.  It wasn’t about fitting in for us, it was challenging ourselves.  This is what influenced us, the joy of creating with your buddies.  This is the era that we came from.  It’s just a different time now, and the quote is saying that we are from then, not now.

MA&L: What song on your album do you feel connected the most with your fans while on tour and why?

MOE: “If Not Now Then When” is doing well for us.  I couldn’t tell you why it’s connecting, everyone is different.  Maybe the message relates to people or they like the energy in it.  For me (Adam) it’s a really fun song to play and I look forward to it every night.


MA&L: Anything else you’d like me to mention?

MOE: We hope that people will check out our new record (Man On Earth) and that they get to see us live.  Also we are very active on social media with our fans– they can always reach out to us.  Hope everyone is having fun!!

Check out the band on Facebook, and Twitter.


Metronomy Show Review at The Metro

The Metro overflowed with energy last Wednesday night at the Metronomy show. You could not only feel the excitement, but see it–almost every person danced and sang along to the cool synth-pop tunes after the London-based group took the stage, looking amazing in their matching white suits glowing against the cool blue and purple lights.

Metronomy played all of their best songs from their latest, fourth album Love Letters, but mixed up the set with old time favorites like “Radio Ladio” and the very popular 2012 hit “The Look.” The crowd went especially wild during “I’m Aquarius,” a song off Love Letters.

“This is an exciting night for us. The Metro is the largest venue we’ve performed at in Chicago,” exclaimed lead singer Joseph Mount in the middle of their set. The 1,100 capacity venue was pretty packed for a Wednesday night in Chicago.

Mount is the original member of Metronomy, which he started as a solo project when he was a teenager. A few years later, in 2005, he released Metronomy’s debut album Pip Paine (Pay the 5000 You Owe). The album got little recognition, which encouraged Mount to focus on his live shows. He wanted to invite people to perform with him, to improve his performances. So his cousin Oscar Cash (keyboards, saxophone, vocals) and an old friend Gabriel Stebbing (who is not apart of the group anymore) joined in. Eventually Metronomy started to earn praise for their live shows.
Since then, Metronomy has added two members to the current group, Anna Prior (drums, vocals) and Gbenga Adelekan (bass, vocals). Adelekan can easily steal the show with his dance moves and lovable smile, while Prior delights as an amazing drummer. The whole group really has a lot of charm.
Metronomy’s encore was their 2009 hit, “Heartbreaker.” During this song it was as if you were at a punk rock show as most of the crowd was headbanging and dancing like crazy. It was a very lively, fitting ending to their set. I am sure Metronomy will be back in Chicago to play even larger venues very soon.

Check out Metronomy’s “I’m Aquarius

We All Love Swedish Music

Since my recent post about Robyn I’ve been getting a bunch of Swedish music submissions so I thought I’d share them with you.


We are no strangers to the Swedish music scene here in America- we’ve got Avicii, Lykke Li, Little Dragon, Icona Pop, The Sounds, the list goes on.

Here are a few up and coming artists from all over Sweden, each with a very different sound. Enjoy.

Hyper Heart are based in Stockholm- they’ve been a group since 2011. The band is made up of Robert Svensson, Nick Martin, and Ludvig and Markus Bergström Björn.

Here I have for you their first release in 2014, Running. It’s a cool, moody, pop/electronica ballad.

The Magnettes are a total different vibe. They have a very similar sound to Paramore. Check out their song Paper Cut and see what I mean! The Magnettes are from Pajala, Sweden.

Jens Wennberg is a singer/songwriter and has a very down tempo, pop/indie sound. He is from Lulea, Sweden. Check out his song, Brick by Brick.

Lucy Seven is a hard-rock group from Bollnas. They’ve got that headbangin’ good music. For a perfect example check out their song Liberation.

Redlight King W/ Seether

Redlight King releases their official video for “Times Are Hard” Check it out below– and be sure to catch them on the last leg of their tour!

Remaning Tour Dates:


St. Paul, MN

@ Myth w/ Seether


Sioux Falls, SD

@ The District w/ Seether


San Antonio, TX

@ River City Rock Fest


Pryor, OK

@ Rocklahoma


Green River, WY

@ Stratton Myers Park


Cadott, WI

@ Rock Fest 2014


Sturgis, SD

@ Easyriders Saloon