We All Love Swedish Music

Since my recent post about Robyn I’ve been getting a bunch of Swedish music submissions so I thought I’d share them with you.


We are no strangers to the Swedish music scene here in America- we’ve got Avicii, Lykke Li, Little Dragon, Icona Pop, The Sounds, the list goes on.

Here are a few up and coming artists from all over Sweden, each with a very different sound. Enjoy.

Hyper Heart are based in Stockholm- they’ve been a group since 2011. The band is made up of Robert Svensson, Nick Martin, and Ludvig and Markus Bergström Björn.

Here I have for you their first release in 2014, Running. It’s a cool, moody, pop/electronica ballad.

The Magnettes are a total different vibe. They have a very similar sound to Paramore. Check out their song Paper Cut and see what I mean! The Magnettes are from Pajala, Sweden.

Jens Wennberg is a singer/songwriter and has a very down tempo, pop/indie sound. He is from Lulea, Sweden. Check out his song, Brick by Brick.

Lucy Seven is a hard-rock group from Bollnas. They’ve got that headbangin’ good music. For a perfect example check out their song Liberation.

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